Our Story

During the pandemic, the initial days were filled with chaos and uncertainty as we were confined to our homes with no clear direction. As a family of faith, we turned to prayer for guidance, and at that moment, I heard a voice that suggested making a schedule. I immediately started "Mommy's School" with my children, where we learned new things every day and planed healthy meals for the entire family.

One day, I had some bananas that were about to go bad, and I decided to find a recipe to make banana bread. Although I had never baked it before, I was determined to make it delicious and healthy for everyone to enjoy. After searching online, I found a recipe that I liked and made a few adjustments to the ingredients. We all loved it from the first bite, even the pickiest eater in my family.

In the following days, I felt a calling from God to sell banana bread on our community's Facebook page. Each bread would carry a verse and message from God in its wrapper. It sounded crazy, but I decided to do it because I knew it was for a greater purpose. To my surprise, we sold around 40 loaves that day. It was then that we felt in our hearts that God had whispered the name of this adventure: Going Bananas for Jesus.

For four months, we made 100 to 200 loaves of bread for free every two weeks for an entity called "God's Table" that provides food to those in need. We made everything in my home kitchen, in an oven that could only fit six loaves for each baking turn. Each piece of bread carried a message from God with packaging that was full of details. We continued to sell our loaves of bread online, and our menu began to grow. We started doing activities in my house, such as prayer groups and training workshops on different topics for the community, where we offered our products and services for free. Everything we did was to carry the message of the love of Jesus. Praise be to God!

God led us through many leaps of faith, the biggest being my husband's decision to leave his successful CPA firm to pursue God's call to Going Bananas for Jesus.

From July 2022 to March 2023, we had decided to open our own home. One of the special features of our home was the Coffee Gathering, where people could come in, sit down, have coffee, and enjoy our delicious cream of oats and decadent muffins. With every serving, we offered an opportunity to receive a personalized heart-shaped love note from God.

We brought cookies, coffee, and milk to people using our vintage cart, and through this, we were able to share God's love with them. This experience allowed us to meet many wonderful people, who we now consider as friends and family. We have created many fond memories and shared numerous experiences with these people. We have also received many prayer requests and beautiful testimonies from them, which has enabled them to experience the love of God and come to know Jesus.

Going Bananas for Jesus remains committed to spreading His Word and Love in unique and inspiring ways. Our Wholesome Bakery, new clothing brand, Esther Boutique, and GBFJ Shop are just a few of the ways we continue to spread His Word and His Love.